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The four extremely beautiful wood imitation materials are gradually replacing natural wood

Thứ hai,17/06/2019

Natural wood is one of the most loved materials because of its own certainty and aesthetics, but the use of natural wood requires a high cost, including maintenance long-term and inevitably "disease" of natural wood is termite, warping under the impact of weather. Wood imitation material was born as to solve almost all of these weaknesses and still retain the unique characteristics of natural wood.
If your budget is not too abundant and there is not much maintenance time, the following 5 types of wood imitation material will be the right choice for your home:


Wood imitation plastic

Wood imitation plastic is the most popular walling material in the past years because of its superior advantages over natural wood.With the internal structure is PVC, accessories and outer layer is wood grain, fake wood which has handled the phenomenon of termite, warping but still retain the aesthetic of natural wood.
In terms of the cost of installation, construction of wood imitation plastic is also much cheaper, the price of fake wood in the market ranges from 90,000 - 100,000 VND / m2. This is indeed the superior material in the new era.



This artificial wood panel smartwood has a composition of portland cement and pressed cellulose fibers in high strength. There are advantages such as: high strength, no warping distortion, good water resistance, no fire, beautiful natural wood grain.

Based on these characteristics, smartwood panels are often applied to make sunshades, decorative ceilings, fences, wall tiles, etc. Costs are relatively cheap compared to other fake wood materials ranging from 25,000 - 130,000 VND / bar depending on different types.


Wood imitation paint

Wood imitation paint makes the surface painted like a real wood, with color, wood grain, etc. naturally.Wood imitation paint is quite multi-purpose when painted on most surfaces such as walls, cement, iron, zinc, …In addition, it also has outstanding advantages such as color fastness, storage for 15-20 years, good coverage, easy construction, simple wood texture by broom .

The cost of wood imitation paint is about 280,000 - 500,000 VND / m2

Wood imitation ceramic tiles.

Wood imitation ceramic tiles are one of the most popular wood-base imitation materials because of their anti-scratch, anti-slippery effect, printed wood grain is also very natural and beautiful.The surface of wood imitation ceramic tiles is quite diverse: glossy, matte, rough, ... with many different designs and sizes.
Price of wood imitation ceramic tiles in the market ranges from 70,000 to 240,000 VND / pellet

Each type of material has different advantages and disadvantages, so it should be based on the purpose of use, interests and budget of the family to make the most appropriate choices.Hope the article will help you have more options for your home!.

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